We prefer to sit down with you and design a system to fit your business needs for today and in the future.  We install Panasonic Hybrid Phone Systems because they are modular design which allows you to design the system for your needs today and add options later without having to purchase a new phone system to add these new features.  Another unique feature of Panasonic is they do not charge for system updates and when purchasing a License for a feature it is a one-time charge.  Most phone systems charge yearly for their licensed features. 

     We have many SIP and VoIP phone systems to handle your phone needs or stand-alone phones to work with this new technology.   This is great for new businesses starting out that do not have a phone system in their budget but want to take advantage of the cheaper rates for service lines.  You can also look at installing a device to work with your current phone system to take advantage of this new service.

    We can install your paging needs be it IP Paging or Analog Paging system in your office.

    We can install cabling for Analog, Digital or IP Phones that need to meet POE requirements.  Cabling that we install are tested and certified along with labeling at jack and patch panel ends and upon request we can provide you with cabling maps.

Music On Hold:
    Our Music On Hold comes with a 128mb USB Flash Drive with nearly 3 hours of great sounding, a fully licensed music and messages.  The audio plays directly from the flash drive for continuous playback, which means a 2-Gigabyte Usb Flash drive, can hold up to 240 hours of playback time.  It also includes Message Studio software so you can easily create customized on-hold audio the system accepts MP3 files for playback.

Voice Mail:
We can offer you voice mail systems from 2-port up to 24-port system with 4 hours of storage up to 1,000 hours giving you from 62 mailboxes up to 1,022 mailboxes, complete with auomated attendent services.  Our voice mail systems can be completely customized to fit your needs, like Email Intergration, Bilingual Voice Prompts, enhanced message notification, two-way record and so much more have us design a voice mail for your needs.

Wireless Phones:
    We install cell technology cordless phones, this allows us to install cell sites thru out your building or property allowing you to take a call and stay on that call while walking thru your business this also allows you to use a full function cordless phone so you can handle your calls completely.  Using cell technology cordless phones also work on their own frequency band so does not interfere with your wireless network in your building.

Video Conferencing:
    High Definition video conferencing is something you must see in person.  Schedule a viewing of the latest in video conferencing technology.
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